2020: A Year of Purpose

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Choose joy because your spirit needs it.

Seek peace because your soul craves it

and accept life because you’ve got one life to live it;

Organic Opulence.


Before 2020, I had a vision, and I hadn’t foreseen any plans that would get in the way.

Until a global shift occurred, changing my perspective forever:

It was there, through the uncertainties of a global pandemic and the horrors of racial injustice, that my Neshama נשמה (“spirit” in Hebrew) was awakened and put to the test.

I am here to tell you…


Life is bittersweet, it’s true, there’s no way around it.

It’s perfectly imperfect… full of challenges, riddled with hurt and cruelty.

But oh, is this life full of light and beauty.

Tap into that beauty, and never let go.

It is yours for the taking, and it is abundant.


I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting and following me along this journey, which is ever-evolving and ever so changing.

My aim here is to create, inspire, and share the joys of life through its hardest moments because I believe persistence has the last word:


Persist relentlessly into the truth and into the light.

And whatever 2021 brings us, let’s sprinkle some joy along the way.


Stay organically opulent,


Goldie Wollman

  • Nice article! Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2021! Always Learning from the past and moving boldly and happily and bravely into the future ❤️?❤️

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