Achieving Personal Balance

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I feel my best when I am in a state of alignment


We live in a world where being in a rush, feeling anxious, and living “burnt out” is the norm. For many individuals, decades will go by before this way of life is addressed or even corrected. I am here to tell you that achieving personal balance is one of the greatest achievements you can make in your lifetime…

So why not start now?

Personal balance is the type of feeling that leaves you living each and every day more mindfully; inspired by life’s possibilities, and more confident in your abilities.


Here are 3 ways you can tap into personal balance:

1) Tune Into Your Personal Needs

Don’t wait until your body is too stiff to stretch,  or until your brain hurts so badly, that you are forced to get on medication. Oftentimes, we are actually able to prevent a lot of problems from happening to us, simply by paying closer attention to our needs.

Remember, you are allowed to pause and you certainly deserve to rest.

Here are some ideas:

Establish a Self-Care Routine

This can look like morning/moonlight stretches, a leisurely walk, or a nice warm bath. Only you will know what you need most during any given day.

Prioritize Mindfulness

This can look like engaging in a meditation practice daily, reducing incoming stimuli before bed, and taking the time to be present.  For more on how I tap into mindfulness, feel free to read about my weekly Shabbat practice here.


Oftentimes, we become discouraged and overwhelmed because we are simply doing too much. These are the exact moments we need to hit the reset button. It is far more beneficial to scale back and take a moment to pause and reflect than to end up in a situation you may later regret. My favorite ways to rest involve spending time in nature and curling up with a nice hot cup of tea.


2) Exercise Patience

Good things take time, and if you are used to putting your personal needs on the back-burner, it will take time and practice to tap into a state of balance.

Here are ways to exercise patience with yourself along the journey:

Sit with Your Feelings 

I love to do this by journaling my thoughts on paper; this allows me the much-needed time and space to think.

Channel Your Energy 

This can be done in a variety of ways, such as walking, running, and/or dancing. I love to shift my energy by listening to eccentric music and dancing in my room – Both my psychologist and fellow girlfriend of mine (who is a psychologist) have confirmed this is a healthy practice called sublimation

Explore Self-Development

Personal development is a highly underrated safe haven from our work lives. Engaging in activities that we love allows us to see ourselves as full human beings outside of our work. Taking the time to explore, express and pursue your innermost passions are all great ways of acknowledging your true self.

Have faith in yourself – acknowledge your progress and keep it going


3) Feel the Magic of Gratitude

When you take a moment to pause, remember that this time is never wasted. Instead, these are much-needed moments of connection with yourself and the greater life around you.

During these moments, remind yourself of what you do have.

Health – Shelter- Family – Community – Ability – Friendship

Oftentimes, our “hustle” culture today encourages us to push harder than ever before, and the goal is often to achieve more material goods at the expense of our own personal health and wellness.

Instead, I invite you to create a safe haven for yourself, and tap into personal balance.


Pause – The world can wait.



Until next time…


Stay organically opulent,


Goldie Wollman