Food Freedom with Intuitive Eating

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I feel my best when I am most in tune with my body


If you want to know what I eat on any given day, I’ll tell you:

“Whatever I want!”

And it’s true… I will enjoy a vegan kale breakfast one day, cheesy eggs the next, and Jamaican ackee the day after that (and so forth).

I LOVE a good creamy pasta (hold the vegan cheese please) and do NOT count me out of some high-quality grass-fed beef.

And I say that with zero shame.

Now, this may sound quite radical coming from a “wellness” blogger like yours truly… but trust me when I tell you; 2020 Goldie (and beyond) isn’t here for diet culture and will never be.

Let me explain…

After a couple of years of experimenting with veganism and being gluten-free (thank the lord I didn’t get into keto or any of that other stuff) I welcomed my fair share of “promised health” into my life.

And by promised health, I sarcastically mean:

  • A sudden spurt of severe adult acne (that never existed prior – yes, even in my sorority college years)
  • brittle nails
  • unbalanced hormone levels
  • CONSTANT migraines
  • heart palpitations
  • physical weakness

 And you may be thinking… wait! I thought cow’s milk and gluten gave you those things?!

Well… they didn’t for me and that is the whole point of this blog post.


Wellness for some can mean sickness for others

After experiencing my fair share of health issues and a troubling visit to a glitzy, Miami “functional medicine” doctor, I finally snapped back to reality when he advised me to continue dieting, eliminate more food and further reduce my water intake.

*insert mind blown emoji here*

I was out.


Kicking Diets to the Curb

Finally, my common sense kicked into high gear and it was then that I realized this “wellness” industry is absolutely bonkers if you aren’t navigating it with full awareness. How could I be feeling my worst when I was eating the “cleanest” and “most nutritious” meals known to man?

Something didn’t quite feel right…

So, I went back to the drawing board and immediately started researching anti-diet material online.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon the absolutely spectacular concept of intuitive eating (also known as common sense in other parts of the world… but here in the U.S. we need all the help we can get).

And, it was there that I discovered registered dietitian, Evelyn Tribole (@evelyntribole) who coined the term “Intuitive Eating”. For decades she has been promoting the concept of having a genuine, healthy relationship with your body and food.

A few things I learned about Intuitive Eating:

  • The importance of being fully present at every meal
  • To listen to what your body is craving and honor that
  • Become aware of your hunger cues and… obey them
  • Don’t view eating as a sinful act that needs to be punished with 1000 burpees
  • Stress causes much more weight gain and harm than carbs ever will

And my favorite:

  • Override your childhood upbringing of “waste not, want not” (as my Jamaican father would say) and feel free to leave food on the plate when you are full (repeat after me: I am not wasteful and I am not a bad person)



Magically (I kid you not) when I reintroduced normal foods back into my diet and ate without restriction … my acne disappeared, my nails came back and my energy levels became normalized.

Luckily, I haven’t suffered from severe migraines since, and I don’t obsess over food one bit. I eat gluten, cheese, meat and I have never been healthier.

I cannot tell you exactly why my body flared up the way that it did, but what I do know is: my body was trying to send me a message: restriction is never the answer.


Wellness My Way

Now of course on this blog, you will find that I do prioritize nutritious eating, organic agriculture, and living well on my own terms.

And for me, this looks like returning to a more ancestral way of eating and consuming what feels good to me and fuels my body best.

Whether it is cashews, ghee or the greenest veggie… if my body doesn’t feel good eating it, baby I am not consuming it.  

My departing message to you is:

If you’re struggling with your diet and unhappy with your situation in any way: First and foremost show your body some love because it’s probably been through a lot (I know mine did) and casually find out what works best for you and what makes you feel, your very best. Do so with an open mind and without restrictions.

Health doesn’t have a size and it certainly doesn’t come in the form of a fad diet…  Remember: Life is too short to be on a diet.

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“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” -Virginia Woolf


Stay organically opulent,

Goldie Wollman