My Practice of Meat Minimalism

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Mindful Meat Consumption


Oftentimes, with all the new information we now know about the meat industry, many of us end up taking the “all-in” approach to health. Whether it’s going vegan or anything else, we tend to overlook the possibility of a third option.

4 years ago, I know I did. After going down a rabbit-hole of YouTube videos and watching the horrors of the meat industry and the tax it caused on our environment, I took the “all-in” approach.

I vowed to never eat meat again and hastily converted to #veganism overnight.

Now, as you can see here, my intentions, though well-meaning didn’t work out and after two years I called it quits. However, what my intentions did do is open up a new window of opportunity for me: the ability to view meat consumption differently.


Discovering Sustainable Meat

After heavily researching if it was at all possible to consume meat in a way that was good for my health but also good for the environment, I was so pleased to discover the health benefits of pasture-raised meat:

Pasture-raised meat is vastly different than most meat you will find in the grocery store. With this meat you will find:

  • The animals consume a natural diet
  • As a result, the meat is healthier for you and will boast a significantly higher nutritional profile than regular farmed meat (and even some organic fed meat)
  • Humane and ethical treatment
  • Animals are free to roam in their natural stress-free environments and exercise basic behaviors that promote health and wellbeing
  • Meat does not contain unnecessary antibiotics and hormones
  • Support small farmers to promote meat sustainability and reduce global warming

… just to name a few.


Committing to Meat Minimalism

So, after digesting all this information I committed to purchasing pasture-raised meat only. The only catch is that this meat comes with a hefty price… double to triple the price of regular meat (ie. chicken, beef, lamb, etc).

The solution?

Today, I meet previous my previous vegan self in the middle and practice meat minimalism

Meat minimalism is consuming meat in a more mindful manner. Respecting the act of eating meat as a privilege and doing your part to save the planet.

(If you’re interested in diving deeper into this topic, I highly encourage you to read Stretching Your Meat Dollar by my number one source for meat products)

Here, with meat minimalism, I have returned to a more traditional way of consuming meat. One that is mindful, with purpose. One that does not take for granted the animal life involved, keeps the environment in mind and does not overconsume for the hell of it.

For nearly two years now, I casually end up eating meat 1-2x weekly (for lunch or dinner) and happily do so. I do not consume more than I need to and often times it ends up being more than enough.


If you’re interested in making the shift to more sustainable meat practices feel free to check out the following links below:

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To find pasture-raised meat distributors in your state:
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Stay organically opulent,

Goldie Wollman