Mayo Makeover

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Organic Mayo
Deviled Eggs made with Avocado Oil based Mayo

It is estimated that each year Americans consume nearly 2 billion dollars worth of Mayonnaise! This makes mayo the primary condiment in America… yes, even over ketchup. I think we can all agree that with that much mayonnaise, it is important to make sure it isn’t harmful to our health.

And while mayonnaise is one of those pantry items that we should be consuming in moderation, it is still important to check the label to ensure you are giving yourself the best ingredients available.

If you consume a major household brand, like Hellman’s or Kraft, you will find heavily processed oils, along with unnecessary sugars and flavoring in your mayonnaise.

Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise $9.95/12 oz VS Hellman’s Mayonnaise $4.45/15oz
Non-GMO Avocado Oil GMO Soybean Oil
Organic Cage-Free Eggs Conventional Eggs
Organic Cage-Free Yolks Conventional Egg Yolks
Organic Vinegar (Derived from Non-GMO beets) Vinegar (Derived from GMO Corn)
Sea Salt Salt
Organic Rosemary Extract Natural Flavors
Lemon Juice Concentrate
Calcium Disodium EDTA

The Oil Difference 

Hydrogenated oils are in nearly every conventional pantry product today. The problem with these oils is that they come with a lot of baggage. Oils like vegetable oil, soybean oil, canola oil and corn oil are commonly hydrogenated to increase the oils stability. This yields high levels of trans fat, which studies have shown to have an inflammatory effect on the arteries.

Many companies are beginning to produce mayo with canola oil, aimed at marketing these products as healthier alternatives. The problem is that a large majority of Canola oil is genetically modified. With limited scientific research assessing the safety of consuming GMO foods over a long period of time, one thing is certain; the pesticide and chemical residue needed to produce canola oil has no nutritional benefits to your health.

Choosing a mayonnaise that’s made with a higher quality oil, could make mayo nutritionally valuable!

Heart-healthy avocado oil has been shown to be rich in anti-inflammatory agents, in addition to Vitamin E and Omega 9 Fatty acids. Because of this, avocado oil is an oil worth consuming! A recent study concluded that avocado oil has the ability to enhance absorption of fat-soluble nutrients in a a salad, making it a great addition to any meal.

Not so Egg-cellent Mayo

Being that the main ingredient in mayonnaise is eggs, it may be a good idea to check the quality of the eggs you’re consuming.

Conventional eggs are not just loaded with antibiotics, but they are the product of commercially farmed chickens with little to no access outside of their cages. Unfortunately, this only means one thing:

Unhealthy Chickens = Unhealthy Eggs

Consuming mayonnaise that contains Organic Cage-Free eggs means exactly that; chickens that are not confined to small cages and are fed a diet that excludes genetically modified products, chemicals and antibiotics.

As for the other ingredients in conventional mayonnaise, I think it’s pretty clear that “natural flavors” and Calcium Disodium EDTA don’t provide anything beneficial to your health…


Organic Opulence’s Pick

There are many options when looking for an upgrade from conventional mayonnaise in the market today. There are organic options as well as egg-free options. If you are looking to consume a higher quality mayonnaise that contains all of the traditional ingredients with a healthier oil; Primal Kitchen Mayonnaise is a great choice.

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