Romantic Rose Water

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Organic Rosewater Hydrosol
evanhealy Organic Rosewater Hydrosol

For centuries, the rose has been naturally captivating and known for it’s exquisite beautifying properties. Roses contain a deep and delicate aroma packed with nourishment and rich hydration for the skin. And, with its increase in popularity, it is more important than ever to verify the authenticity and purity of the hydrosol you choose to dress your face with.


Good Things Take Time 

A hydrosol (aka hydrolat) is a floral water produced by gentle steam distillation. When the steam reaches these floral bunches, essential therapeutic properties are released into the water. So, when choosing a hydrosol, quality always proves more important than quantity;

The more delicate the extraction process, the higher the quality of the hydrosol

Consequently, a delicately produced floral water will always contain a higher amount of rich essential oil properties compared to a highly processed floral water who’s properties would be damaged due to the harsh heating process.


Beautifying Rose 

Rose Hydrosol is beneficial for ALL skin types

Pure rose water is balancing to all skin types: Balanced, Hormone Reactive, Stress Reactive, Environment Reactive & Mature Skin Types.


If you are looking to balance and tighten your skin, rose hydrosols are the perfect toners to use after washing your face. A pure rose hydrosol has the ability to decrease inflammation and minimizing the appearance of pores leaving your skin feeling cool and tightened.


Studies have shown that rose essential oils have the ability to support cell and tissue regeneration. This is perfect for those looking to repair skin damage, improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Rose hydrosols are perfect for post-wash and daily use, helping the skin maintain pH balance while retaining moisture. The properties in rose hydrosols nourish the skin while helping you feel refreshed with its natural rose-floral humectant.


Organic Opulence’s Pick

In order to reap the wealth of benefits that rose hydrosol can provide for your skin, it is important to invest in a high-quality hydrosol.

Conventional products may say they have “rose water” in it, but unless it lists the Latin name (in this case it would be Rosa damascena or Pelargonium capitatum), it is most likely a mix of synthetic fragrances, diluents, and alcohol used to imitate authentic rose water.

Evanhealy is our primary choice for hydrosol products because all fresh herbs are sourced and hand-harvested directly from small organic farms. These rose petals originate from Bulgaria and are not a byproduct of oil extraction (aka leftovers) but rather a product of pure distillation solely for its floral waters.

The hydrosol extraction process by evanhealy is done through slow steam distillation over the course of 2-3 hours as opposed to other conventional companies that pump out hydrosols over the course of 30 minutes!

You get what you pay for with this product. Hydrosols are hand-distilled via copper stills and are packaged in a glass bottle, so there is no risk of harmful plastic agents leaking into your floral water.

This floral water is strictly 100% Organic Rose Petals (Rosa damascena)…. that’s it! 

The best way to use and enjoy this product is to combine it with a natural oil of your choice pre & post spritzing (rosehip, jojoba, pomegranate, argan oil, etc.). This combination will create a balancing effect and help fortify your skin.

To grab one of these powerful floral waters feel free to visit: evanhealy.  Her products are also available at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.



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