Barefoot Grounding: Why I Love It

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Feel alive with your own two feet


Ahhh, the feeling of fresh grass underneath your feet. It’s a feeling like none other. If you’re not doing this every day or at least several times a week, you are seriously missing out – not just on an integral part of wellness but life.

“Barefoot or first thing in the morning, I feel beautiful. I didnt always feel that way, but I feel that way now.” Angelina Jolie

Sensory Freedom

There is something so profound about the act of walking barefoot. It feels rebellious, dare I say indulgent. If you have ever thought to yourself, “gosh, I miss the days when I could run free on the grass barefoot without a care in the world”… know that moment your brain is craving is now! Just because you are not five years old anymore doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow yourself the pleasure of sensory freedom.

As a society we have essentially become sensorily impaired. We wear socks, shoes, and heels for hours, without giving a second thought as to how it’s making us feel. Our feet and toes have essentially become so numb to life, that we have forgotten what it’s like to not be confined. We forgot what it feels like to experience different temperatures and textures on our feet. Thereby, essentially forgetting what it means to be human. Removing the barriers we have placed between the Earth and ourselves, is truly an act of freedom.


Barefoot Connection

When you begin to peel off the layers and embark on a grounding experience, you will immediately feel a switch in your brain. “Woah! This grass feels hot today, or damn I didn’t realize how humid it was out here.” Suddenly you feel more present and alive, and connected to the ecosystem and experience that surrounds you.

Some days when I go grounding, the grass is coarse and dry, which matches up with the energy I am experiencing at that moment. This is the time I feel like mother Earth is directly speaking to me, as she gives me a subtle reminder to drink more water and moisturize my skin. Other days the grass feels cooler and damper after a summer storm; with the soil puffed up and moist to the touch – literally sticking to my feet. This catches me off guard, as to almost lend me permission to get silly and not take life so seriously – because it can get indeed get messy.


Grounding Frequencies

Too often, we search outside of ourselves to feel more content. We search for more stimulation on social media to feel whole and settled within ourselves. Unfortunately, this leaves us feeling more confused, frazzled, and disconnected from our bodies than ever.

Grounding with the Earth has taught me that there is no greater luxury than having your mind and body fully rooted in the present. When my bare feet are connected to the Earth below me, I feel like I have tapped into a secret life hack. Suddenly, I can feel the same vibrational frequency that the trees surrounding me are experiencing: Calm, eternal, grounded energy. For that moment, all my troubles go away and I am chained to nothing but myself.

And that is beautiful.

The truth is, you can spend thousands of dollars traveling to an undisclosed location with the likes of Goop to experience this phenomenon, or you can find a way to incorporate this authentic piece of luxury into your own life for free (with a bit of intention).


A little Science

If you’re looking for a deeper dive into how grounding barefoot on the Earth impacts your overall wellness, check out these eye-opening resources below:

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Stay organically opulent,

Goldie W.