Yes, Ice Cream Can Be Healthy!

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Organic Coconut Milk Ice Cream

What better time to discuss America’s favorite dessert than on National Ice Cream Day?

Many individuals have a love/hate relationship with Ice Cream. Many (like I have) cannot help but to indulge, while also feeling guilty about the idea of consuming this “unhealthy” dessert. But did you know… it doesn’t have to be this way?

Rather than eliminating the foods that I love, I have learned that upgrading to nutritionally superior options poses a far better solution. Making this change has allowed me to no longer feel guilty about consuming the foods that I love. I no longer have to deny myself the simple pleasures in life. Instead, I can now have my cake and eat it too.  

Because, lets be honest… who doesn’t scream for Ice Cream?

When making the conscious decision to investigate the ingredients of the foods I used to consume… I did scream (and not in a good way) when I reviewed the ingredients in my ice cream.

Cream, Sugar, Milk, Eggs Yolks, Natural Flavors, Fructose…. 

This is when I thought to myself; no wonder Ice Cream has gotten such a bad reputation as an “unhealthy” food… it essentially contains no nutritional value!

Once I realized this, choosing to upgrade this “guilty pleasure” of mine has been one of the most logical changes I have ever made, towards achieving my goal of maintaining a more nutritionally balanced diet. Consequently, the idea of eating ice cream is no longer considered a “guilty pleasure” in my book… it is simply a pleasure. I consume ice cream whenever I want (in effortless moderation) and I never have to think twice about the calories or the fat content; because I have already upgraded.

Through the quest to upgrade my ice cream, I have found that it is possible to enjoy an Ice Cream that is both delicious and nutritious.

And, whether you’re a vegan or a plant-based omnivore (like me), I have learned that, cutting back on your dairy and refined sugar intake is never a bad idea.

If you haven’t already reached to read the ingredient list on your ice cream – now is the time. And I’m not just referring to the calories and the fat content… I’m talking about the ingredients.

The ingredients that are in your foods are everything. The ingredients are what makes the difference between a high quality meal and low quality fast food. Why does this matter? Because it adds up over time… 

The average American consumes about 48 pints of ice cream a year! And if you’re consuming a typical vanilla ice cream, this means 48 pints of natural flavors, cream, milk, refined sugar, egg yolks, artificial coloring and more. 

What kind of nutrition is that?

And, if you’ve considered going the non-dairy route with famous brands like Haagen-Dazs, be prepared to be hit with even lower quality ingredients… like corn syrup. 

Why Coconut Milk over Real Milk?

The majority of the dairy used to make ice cream is low-quality dairy, originating from factory farmed cows who are fed a diet that is alien to their biological makeup. These cows eat a diet consisting of, primarily corn and grains. The truth is, it is difficult to find widely available ice cream that contains grass-fed dairy, originating from pasture-raised cows.

Why does this matter? This matters because the diet of the cow directly affects the nutritional content of your dairy. Therefore, the little nutrition that you may think you are consuming, is actually absent. Instead what you’re really getting is low-quality dairy, hormones and unnecessarily high amounts of refined sugar and added flavoring.

Upgrading to Organic Coconut Ice Cream is a great way to decrease your intake of low-quality dairy, refined sugar, unnecessary flavoring and artificial coloring.

Here are some of the benefits of coconut milk that dairy cannot provide you:

  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Thyroid Stimulation
  • Improved Digestion (forget about that post meal bloat!)
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Increased Immunity to Disease and Infections
  • Reduced Appetite

Isn’t it amazing that you can receive all of these benefits simply through the pleasure of eating Ice Cream?

When informing family and friends about my favorite ice cream, the common response I have received is: “But, I don’t want my Ice Cream to taste like coconuts!”

The reality is, the coconut taste is so mild and the flavor is so pure, that you won’t even notice it. I have personally introduced my favorite coconut ice cream to picky adolescent teenagers and they couldn’t get enough of it!


Organic Opulence’s Pick 

When choosing a non-dairy Ice Cream, I recommend not to sell yourself short. Opt for a higher quality brand, read the label and taste the difference!

Forget about the cheap “vanilla flavoring” and corn syrup that mainstream brands have to offer you and allow yourself to experience the taste of real, authentic ingredients. Upgrade your diet by simply consuming better ingredients. For example, choosing an Ice Cream that uses nutritious sweeteners (such as, Agave Nectar) as an alternative, is just one of the many ways upgrading your Ice Cream can lead to lower refined sugar intake. 

Feel free to check out my favorite non-dairy ice cream: Luna & Larry’s Organic Coconut Bliss

Many of their delicious flavors are available at natural food grocers nationwide. The flavors captured in their ice cream are absolutely delicious! Ever since I have discovered their ice cream, I have never looked back. In fact, this coconut ice cream has permanently taken the place of dairy Ice Cream in my freezer. 


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