5 Wellness Books to Cozy up to this Fall Season

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Deepen your understanding of your own personal wellness through these reads


When I first began my personal wellness journey, I was straight out of college and obsessed with learning as much as I could about how the body works.

I was looking for answers as to how I could feel better, live better, and truly take better care of my body in the long run.

It was through diving into my own little fair share of health & wellness literature, plus putting it into practice, that I was able to deepen my understanding of my own personal wellness.

I hope you will feel as empowered as I did after reading these books.

Starting from the top…


5 Wellness Books to Cozy up to this Fall 


The Sleep Revolution

Written by one of the most successful businesswomen of our generation, Ariana Huffington uses her earthshattering experience of physical collapse due to burnout as a guiding force in promoting a sleep revolution. This book serves as my inspiration and reminder that my goals and aspirations do not need to come at the expense of my health.

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The Vitamin D Solution

If you have ever taken a blood test and were given feedback about your Vitamin D levels, you can thank Dr. Holick for that. Dr. Holick discovered the circulating form of the vitamin D hormone in the human body, changing medicine forever.

This book forever changed the way I view my relationship with sunlight and gifted me a richer understanding of the human race, worldwide ethnicities, and our magnificent sun.

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Intuitive Eating

In early 2017, I discovered this book when I needed it most. This was a time where I was doing “everything right” in terms of health & wellness but, most of my actions came through the perspectives and guidance of others rather than from within.

In this book, Evelyn Tribole offers an incredible case for taking a more intuitive approach when it comes to eating. Once I took this approach to practice, I soon realized that this was a way of life. No longer would I diet, overly stress about clean eating, and deprive myself of enjoyable foods for the sake of health.

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In the Flo

This book is basically Womancode 2.0 and is a book that every woman needed to read yesterday. This book has changed the way I view my own female body for the better. No longer do I experience shame for not wanting to eat, exercise, and operate in the same way every single day. The reality is women operate on a 2nd biological clock and Alissa Vitti unlocks our understanding of it.

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The Telomere Effect

This is a book I will forever hold tight to my heart. I will never forget finishing it on a cold winter flight back home from a vacation with family; I couldn’t hold back my tears on that flight.

Written by one of very few female Nobel laureates in science, this book will stand the test of time forever as Elizabeth Blackburn, PhD offers us timeless wisdom through her groundbreaking discovery of telomeres in human DNA. This researched unlocked lifelong mysteries of human aging and longevity.

This book has inspired me to take my wellness journey to the next level through reducing the #1 accelerator of aging – stress.

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I hope you enjoy these books on your own personal wellness journey.  


The first wealth is health” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Stay organically opulent,

Goldie W.


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