From Hotel Concierge to Millennial Homemaker

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If you are here, you’re probably wondering what made me transition my career from a hotelier to a millennial homemaker. And, all I can say is… read on!


About Me

My name is Goldie Wollman, and since I last came on here:

  • I got married to my partner in crime
  • Had a change of pace from the fast condo Miami life, to a slower, nature-rich neighborhood nearby
  • Switched careers from hospitality to (you guessed it)… being a millennial homemaker

And believe it or not, this transition came about as seamless as can be, for a hospitality-business major and hotelier like myself.

The Ritzy Concierge Life

Most people do not know, that hotel management and homemaking go hand in hand.

A lot of magic happens behind the scenes of a hotel to make it the “home away from home” we all desire when traveling. The planning, coordination, and attention to detail are all aspects of this five-star presentation.

And when I was a hotel concierge, I did a lot of homemaking.

Daily life for me as a luxury hotel concierge involved “holding down the fort”

This included:

  • Creating a warm and inviting environment
  • Managing guest schedules and requests
  • Overlooking my surroundings
  • Coordinating with support staff on daily tasks

Whether it was providing an off-the-cuff experience for our guests or arranging a high profile weekend event at the hotel…

Our priority was to make magic happen for our guests, and it was my job to create this luxurious “home away from home.”

And I loved it!

I spent many days crafting environments and creating memories.

Between “chopping the pillows” and lighting candles at sunset, I truly grew to love this place.


The Shift 

As my passion for “being of service” and creating this beautiful, professional home environment grew, I began to notice the missed potential I had in my own home life.

Now, of course, my home was kept clean and tidy…

However, this magical, personal touch that I so effortlessly crafted and cultivated in my professional life was nowhere to be found in my personal life and after a while, I started to resent it.

Most days, you would find my husband and I playing catchup after a long day of work.

Meals were made in a hurry, laundry piled up, and we would continue working on our professional tasks while simultaneously dividing up chores.

Our schedule? Rinsing and repeating this day after day.

I couldn’t foresee myself continuing this cycle professionally, so I decided to explore my options.

And my options came from those before me: a lineage of boss women who balanced homemaking and entrepreneurship from the shores of Jamaica to the mountains of Chile.

And it was then I realized: If they could do it, I could do it too and I knew there was a path out there for me. As unconventional as it was as a 26-year-old millennial, I took it.


From Hotel Concierge to Millennial Homemaker

After careful thought and consideration, my husband and I sat down, we had the talk and made the leap.

It was then, that we both left corporate America. We became full-time entrepreneurs, and I found my passion of being a millennial homemaker.

And I have not looked back since.


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