Rethink Beauty with Makeup Minimalism

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Curate a makeup collection that works best for you


Did you know that the average American woman owns about 40 makeup products, yet only uses 5?

With the spirit of Spring in mind, join me in refreshing your beauty routine with makeup minimalism.


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What is Makeup Minimalism?

Makeup minimalism generally goes by the idea that less is more.

By curating a personalized makeup collection that works for you, you simultaneously reduce personal clutter and collective environmental waste.

And, it’s important to note that makeup minimalism looks different for everyone.

For some, “makeup minimalism” could mean purchasing only zero-waste, all-natural products; for others, this can mean simply reducing an already large makeup collection and committing to purchasing less…

Every individual has different needs, so it’s all about doing what works best for your lifestyle!


Get inspired to Spring clean your beauty routine with my personal favorites: 

My Minimalist Beauty Collection


1) Protective Primer

A good quality primer makes all the difference in makeup application, but most importantly, it protects your skin from the makeup!

My favorite primer is the Liquid Canvas Primer from Tatcha. Aside from its “smoothing and finishing” qualities, this formula truly serves as a quality barrier between your makeup and skin.

When it comes to products like these, I like to buy both the full size (for home) and travel size (for my makeup bag).


2) Enhancing Eyeliner & Mascara

Good mascara has always been a non-negotiable in my book.

And, when it comes to achieving a reliable and professional look, this Diorshow Pump ‘n’ Volume does the trick. I like this mascara because it comes in the perfect shade of black and has never caused any eye sensitivity.

And if you’re in the market for a reliable eyeliner, this classic MAC Cosmetics Pro Eyeliner Gel has been my go-to for nearly a decade. This gel liner never glides nor smudges – even on a busy, hot South Florida day.


3) Multipurpose Concealer

Say goodbye to heavy foundation and say hello to multipurpose concealer!

This Giorgio Armani Power Fabric Concealer works best as a corrector, highlighter, and eyeshadow base all-in-one.

After sampling nearly 20 makeup brands, I have found Giorgio Armani’s color formulas to be the most accurate when it comes to my skin tone and achieving a professional yet natural look.

For my perfectionist days, I like to dust a bit of Translucent Loose Setting Powder for a flawless look.


4) Nourishing Lipgloss

I love to carry a nourishing gloss and a signature lip color with me at all times.

For lip nourishment, the La Mer Lip Volumizer is a favorite of mine due to its rich seaweed-based “Miracle Broth” formula.

And for color… Gabriel Cosmetics Lipgloss is a personal favorite of mine because they have great pigments, and are one of the few brands that do not cause lip irritation for me.


5) Harmonious Color Palettes

Pro Tip: The easiest way to maximize a minimalist makeup collection is to keep your blush, lip color, and eyeshadow all within the same color spectrum.

For blush, a longtime favorite of mine has consistently been the Gabriel Multi Pot Blush. And for more professional results, the MAC Powder Blush never disappoints.

And when I am looking to kick things up a notch, I love the DIOR Shadow Palette; a sophisticated formula that is long-lasting and vibrant.


What I have gained from refining my beauty routine:


  • I never have to dig through a crowded makeup bag again
  • Applying makeup takes significantly less time and effort
  • My skin can “breathe”
  • All makeup items are consistently used and updated every 3 months
  • And, most importantly, I always feel like myself when wearing minimalist makeup


Stay organically opulent,


Goldie Wollman


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