5 Ways to Honor the Earth

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It all starts with reconnection.


Every Earth Day, we are reminded to reevaluate our personal habits and examine how we affect the world around us (for better or for worse). We are told to recycle more, purchase more sustainable items, and maybe even upgrade to a Tesla.

This year, however, it may help to go beyond making lists and promises and instead look to reconnect to Earth through experiences and daily life choices.

After all… how can we truly take care of something that we barely feel connected to in the first place?


Here are 5 ways you can honor the Earth through reconnecting with the world around you:


1) Practice “Grounding”

Between refrigerated establishments, cement floors, and fancy shoes, the modern Homosapien is seriously disconnected from the Earth on a very fundamental level. For some individuals, months could go by without any physical connection to soil, sand, or a natural body of water.

And if this sounds like you, not to worry… an easy way to start is by simply grounding.

“Grounding”, also known as electric nutrition, is a term used to describe the practice of standing/walking barefoot on the ground. Research has shown immense psychological and physiological benefits related to this activity. For more information on this phenomenon, check out this paper below:

Electric Nutrition: The Surprising Health and Healing Benefits of Biological Grounding (Earthing)


2) Give Your Brain Fresh Air

Throughout this pandemic, we have all realized the value of “a breath of fresh air”. And, in my personal life, I have found that going out to enjoy fresh air, always clears my mind and invigorates my senses!

And it’s important to remember that you don’t have to wait until you are in the “perfect” vacation spot to enjoy the benefits of fresh air. Simply seek out the nearest park/ nature preserve in your area and go on a refreshing walk.

And when you are at home, make circulating the air in your home a weekly ritual. For more on why this practice is essential, check out this great Youtube video:

This Is Your Brain On Stale Air


3) Eat More Life-Giving Foods

If you’re like me and do not want to see more areas of our Earth (land and oceans) dedicated to factory farming, then make the commitment to cut back on meat and fish products.

Prioritizing the consumption of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables is a great way to honor your body and the Earth. And, if you’re having trouble substituting, try expanding your pallet with varieties of foods like mushrooms, which are a great source of nutrition.

For more on how I practice “meat minimalism” check out my blog post here.


4) Listen to the World Around You

Being “outdoorsy” has allowed me to develop a greater appreciation for the natural beauty of life around me.

It’s hard to believe but there is a whole ecosystem operating outside of us and our smartphones. Birds are constantly coordinating their habitats and meals, bees are pollinating the Earth, and turtles are migrating.

I have found that genuine reconnection to the natural world is the push that inspires me to embrace a more sustainable and minimalist lifestyle.


5) Be the Beauty You Want to See

When it comes to preserving the natural beauty around us, we have a huge opportunity that lies right within our grasp, and this involves upgrading our fashion standards.

If you do not want to see more plastic in our oceans and further contribute to global waste, then commit to consuming less and reusing more when it comes to clothing.

Need some motivation? Start with ditching fast fashion and check out this eye-opening video below:



When we reconnect with nature we realize that our relationship with the Earth is a two-way street. – Goldie Wollman


Stay organically opulent,

Goldie Wollman


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