Music Therapy

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“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Oh what a dreadful thought! Friedrich Nietzsche, although rather poignant, really has a point here…

Being a huge lover of music, it’s hard to imagine my days devoid of musical therapy. I love music that can make me feel – in the deepest sense of the word.

Whether it’s an action-packed day full of activity or a slow morning, music is an integral part of my life and my mental well-being. And for good reason! More and more research supports the positive psychological affects of music therapy.

So, in this playlist, you will find a 3-hour sample of music that I enjoy on a regular basis. Many have an ethereal theme and fall under the indie-pop/electronic genre (with some jazz sprinkled in).

I also made sure to include some of my favorite artists and DJs from around the world; UK, Russia, Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Macedonia, Brazil and more.

Click here to enjoy through Spotifyand don’t be afraid to shuffle!


“Music unites all qualities: it can exalt us, divert us, cheer us up, or break the hardest of hearts with the softest of its melancholy tones.” – Friedrich Neitzsche



Stay organically opulent,


Goldie Wollman