Elevating My Home For Wellness

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transform your home into your own luxurious wellness space


I love my home. My home is a warm place where I can unapologetically fulfill my needs and foster new ideas for growth. And, as someone who is very into “wellness”, I can firmly say that:

My home is the foundation of my well-being

As a former concierge for the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, and a lover of wellness, I have learned many secrets that go behind creating a one-of-a-kind space:

A one-of-a-kind space fosters well-being, is inviting and provides room for personal growth (physically and psychologically).

So, with that in mind, I am sharing my top 5 ways to elevate your home into your own luxurious wellness space.


Honor Your Senses


1) Bring the outside, in.

Visual appeal is extremely important. And, aside from keeping my home neat and clean, I love bringing the outside, in. Some of my favorite luxury properties have mastered the fine art of incorporating nature into their design and every time I visit that space, I feel at peace.

This is why I love incorporating live elements into multiple spaces throughout my home. Whether it’s a tree in the living room, plants in the office, or gracing my bathroom vanity with fresh flowers; life gives life to a home.

2) Elevate the mood

When you first walk into a luxury resort, you may notice that there’s always music playing in the lobby; and that music instantly sets the tone for your stay.

It is extremely rare to find vulgar, or depressing music playing in the background of such a beautiful space. So, when I want to create a “vibe” or a “mood” in my home, I always turn on music that will elevate the space around me. This means that the TV in my home is nearly always turned off, and my Sonos speaker system is turned all the way up!

3) Transform using scent

I am not a fan of commercial scents that you can just plug into your wall because, for one, they are advertised to masquerade odors (which I am not trying to do), and number two, they can be toxic.

Being able to relish the scent of fresh air coming in from the outside, the aroma of a homecooked meal when you walk in through the door, and a momentary escape of incense or a luxury candle when you are taking a bubble bath is truly a gem of an experience.

Think less about the scent in your home being stagnant, and think more about it being a transformative element you can use to change up the atmosphere.


4) Make day-to-day dining indulgent

A 5-star hotel wouldn’t be complete without a good dining experience. And when it comes to my home, this means keeping an organized and stocked fridge full of fresh and vibrant ingredients. This also means sitting down and taking the time to enjoy a meal on china, have a great conversation with a loved one, and be fully present at that moment.

(For me, this comes around dinnertime on the weekdays and brunch time on the weekends)

5) Add that personal touch

Today more and more home design is beginning to look very carbon copy. We are at an age where clean lines and minimalism is embraced. However, what I have noticed when working and staying at luxury resorts is that personal touch is what differentiates one space from the next.

One of my favorite hotels in Miami Beach (the Faena hotel), is an absolute gem of an example when it comes to, personal touch. When you enter Faena, you enter a world of bold colors, bespoke art, and designs unlike anywhere else on the strip.

In my home, this looks like creating little spaces that are unique to “Goldie”. Whether it is a whimsical office area, a peaceful patio space, or a cozy bedroom atmosphere, I am always looking for unique ways to tell my story through my space.

The ultimate luxury is being able to relax and enjoy your home – Jeff Lincoln


Stay organically opulent,

Goldie Wollman