Stuck in a Rut? Take These 3 Steps Now

Reading Time: 3 minutes


Dive into that rut and then move past it with intention.


I often look to creatives – living or dead – for inspiration on how to “proceed to the route” when it comes to managing life’s curveballs.

Because chances are, if they are creative about their work, they have probably found a creative way to deal with life’s challenges.

So, without further ado, lets “proceed to the route” with my Top 3 Steps to successfully pull yourself out of a rut:

1. Channel your inner Henry David Thoreau and take a vacation from the online world 

What are your life goals, beliefs, and passions? Is there something you’ve wanted to do but don’t know how to get started? Would actualizing this goal bring added value and meaning to your life?

Having now returned from my 7-day fast from social media, I can now say I am pretty happy I was able to step back and retreat into my own inner Walden pond.

Because minimizing distraction is necessary when trying to find your way out of a rut.

In our digital age today, information overload can make it very difficult to hear our own thoughts, define our own beliefs and channel our own inner passions.

Sometimes all you need is a proper “do not disturb mode” to get your mind right.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves” – Henry David Thoreau


2. Find out what feels good for you and do it unapologetically 

We all like to feel good, and during my brief social media hiatus, I was able to dive deeper into my passions of art and dancing and all things that make me feel alive!

And when it comes to creative inspiration, I love Lisa Rinna’s take on “doing what feels good for you.” (Not to mention, I am a huge fan of her feel-good dances on Instagram).

Check out how she sums up her truth in this clip below.

… well said, Lisa Rinna!

3) Realize that feeling stuck is temporary, and work to cultivate your own inner peace and happiness

Remember, feeling lost or feeling “stuck” is as common a human experience as there are grains of sand on the seashore. Looking back in hindsight, I am very grateful I was gifted this experience.

Realize that you have the potential to break out of your own box and push your own boundaries.

Use this “rut” as fuel to change your life, rather than beat yourself up about it. And challenge yourself to keep the faith, stay inspired, and ultimately keep it moving.


Stay organically opulent,

Goldie Wollman